Sunday, 10 November 2013

Seminar 5 - 13th Nov - Mind/Body Problem

Reading: The Mind Body Problem, Tim Crane


1. What is substance dualism?

2. Does a physical effect need a physical cause?

3. Are our mental states physical states according to A)Descartes? B)Physicalism? C)You?

4. Do our metal states have effects? If so, are any of them physical?

5. What is Type Identity Theory?

6. Can you imagine an alien made entirely of steel who non the less feels pain? What does this tell you about type identity?

7. What is token identity theory?

8. Why might the mind body problem still be a problem for token identity theories?

9. If you knew every physical fact about what happened in my brain when I was in pain, but had never felt pain, would there be something you didnt know about pain?

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