Monday, 28 October 2013

Seminar 4 - 30th Oct - Foundationalism and Coherentism

Reading: Sosa - The Raft and The Pyramid

1. What does Sosa think are the two key questions in the theory of knowledge? Which do you think we should try to answer first? Why?

2. According to Sosa, is foundationalism like a raft or a pyramid? What does he mean by this?

3. Descartes is a foundationalist. What belief do you think is at the top 'node' for Descartes? Is it 'perfectly obvious'?

4. What beliefs are 'pefectly obvious' to you?

5. What does Sosa think is the 'fatal weakness' of radical foundationalism? Do you agree?

6. What metaphor does Sosa use to explain coherentism?

7. What is the anti-foundationanlist argument on pg 383? Do you agree with it?

8. What is the regress argument on pg 385?

9. If A justifies B, and B justifies C, can C justify A?

10. Are you a foundationalist or a coherentist, or neither? Why?

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