Monday, 25 November 2013

Seminar 7 - 27th Nov - Induction

Ladyman, Understanding Philosophy Of Science, Chapter 2.

1. What is deduction?
What do you know via deduction?
If a deductive arugment is valid and its premises are true, what is the truth vaule of the conclusion?

2. What is induction?
What do you know via induction?
If a deductive arugment's premises are true, what does this mean for the truth vaule of the conclusion?

3. How much of our knowledge comes from induction?

4. What is the problem of induction? How big a problem is it?

5. Induction has mostly worked in the past. So we can rely on it to work in the future. Is this a good argument? Why/why not?

6. Is it rational to use induction? Why/why not?

7. Is induction justified by the uniformity of nature?

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