Monday, 14 October 2013

Seminar 2 - 16th Oct - Descartes Second Meditation


Descartes Second Meditation

1. Does Descartes think 'I am, I exisit' is beyond doubt or not?
2. What thoughts come "spontaeously and naturally" to you when you consider what you are?
3. What about Descartes? (Depending on your translation, look around paragraph 6 of the second meditation). Is your answer different to Descartes? And can either be defended against the sceptic?
4. What does Descartes attribute to the body?
5. And what does he attribute to the soul?
6. Which of the attributes Descartes talks about could be tricks played by the evil deamon? What does Descartes think and what do you think?
7.Can you imagine yourself without a body?
8.Do you know the nature of your mind better than you know the nature of your body?

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